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Verification of safety equipment

10 Janvier 2023


Before heading to the mountains, it's important to check your avalanche safety equipment regularly to make sure it's in good condition and ready to use when needed. Here are some tips for performing these checks.

The Avalanche Victim Detector:

● Check that your Avalanche Victim Detector (AVD) is fully charged. If your AVD runs on batteries, make sure they are still charged and in good condition. If the batteries are low or have been used for an extended period, replacement is recommended.

● Once you've checked your AVD's charge, perform a test run to make sure it's in good condition.

● Carry out a test run by pressing the button on the AVD. It should emit an audible and visual signal indicating that it is in working order. Then check that all the keys are working correctly. If no signal is emitted, follow the manufacturer's instructions for performing the appropriate test. If nothing happens or you notice that one or more keys are not functional or that the case shows signs of damage, return your AVD to the manufacturer who will make the necessary repairs.

● Use a second AVD to verify search and broadcast functionality.

● Check the general condition of the case, holster and attachments.

Make sure you fully understand how to use the AVD by reading the user manual and practicing how to use it.  Also, remember to check if an update is available and upgrade before use.

The airbag backpack:

You need to properly maintain your avalanche airbag backpack, to ensure that it functions correctly and is ready for use in the case of an avalanche. If you have any doubts about the condition of your equipment or if you are not experienced in its maintenance, it is recommended to seek professional help.

● Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you use and maintain your airbag backpack correctly. When not in use, store it in a dry place away from direct light.

● Regularly check its general condition and its inflation system. Make sure there are no leaks or damage that could affect its operation. Replace the gas cylinders when they are empty or no longer full enough.

● Have your airbag backpack inspected and serviced by a qualified professional on a regular basis.

● You can also perform a test trigger by removing the cartridge.

The probe :

Your probe is an essential tool for locating someone buried in an avalanche. Make sure your probe is in good condition and all components are present. To check it, there are several things to consider :

● Make sure that the probe is not damaged or bent in a way that affects its performance.

● Check that all the sections are in place and not jammed or blocked.

● Pay attention to the ties and clips that hold the sections together. They must be in good condition and functioning properly.

● Use an appropriate prove length depending on the depth of snow you are in. The deeper the snow, the longer the probe needs to be.

The shovel :